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Reddam House Durbanville Parents & Friends Association

Parents and Friends

The purpose of the Parents and Friends is to contribute to the efficient overall functioning of Reddam House Durbanville. It is to add value to the School by supporting the School in any way the Parents and Friends sees possible and in consultation with the Headmaster.

Importantly, the Parents and Friends shall not then concern itself with issues of governance or involve itself in any manner in the management of the Schools.

The Parents and Friends respects the fact that the Directors, Heads of Schools and staff of the Schools have entire responsibility and jurisdiction for the organisation of discipline, curriculum and teaching methods in the Schools and the Parents  and Friends will not be concerned with individual pupils or with members of staff and their teaching.

The Parents and Friends will be a positive support for the School and not be a vehicle for general airing of grievances and complaints. Any grievances and complaints will continue to be handled in the present open door policy.

​The Parents and Friends will assist with ​the overall functioning of the School by:​

  • Interacting with the broader community of old boys and girls and friends of the Schools, as well as the business community, where appropriate.
  • Introducing parents to and involving parents in the broader school community and by placing parents resources at the School’s disposal, where​ necessary and
  • assist in hosting sporting, social, tours and cultural events;
  • support in specified fund raising activities​;​
  • assist with the new parents/students induction programs;
  • serve on committees such as the library committee;
  • ​and ​assist with community service;

​Composition of the Parents and Friends​

  • All parents and/or legal guardians of current students shall be deemed to be members of the Parent​s ​and Friends.
  • The business of the ​Parents and Friends shall be conducted by a Committee of current parents and the Heads of the Schools and a Director of the School (“the Committee”).
  • The Director and the Heads of the Schools shall be ex-offi​cio ​member​s ​of the Committee and any of these persons shall act as the Chairperson of the Committee.
  • The Committee’s number (excluding ex-officio members) shall not exceed 20 and shall aim to include at least one parent of a child in each of the grades (Stage 1 ​to Grade 12).
  • The term of a parent member of the Committee is for one academic year from the date of the member’s election or being co-opted provided that the parent members remain current parents during that period. Any parent member who ceases to have a child at the school shall be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.
  • In the event of any position not being filled, or should a vacancy occur, for any reason whatsoever, the Committee may appoint a member selected by it to fill that vacancy.
The parent members of the Committee shall be elected by the Heads of the School from the members so nominated.



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