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Staff Contact Details

Barry Nieuwoudt
Head of Academics College
Head of Computer Science
Head of Academics and Student Affairs Prep School
Head of Early Learning School
Stage 4
Grade 3 Teacher
Head of Academic Administration Head of Commerce Department
Head of English
Head of Community Development Programme
Head of Afrikaans
Afrikaans Teacher
Head of French
Head of Mathematics

Jen Patrick
Head of Chemistry
Dawie Marais
Physics and Maths Teacher
Chris Gozzard
Physics and Computer Science Teacher
Geography Teacher 
Geography Teacher
Biology Teacher
Head of Interact
Biology, Physics and Chemistry Teacher 
Head of Falcons
Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths Teacher 
Head of Travel and Tourism
Head of Drama
Network Administrator
Computer Science Teacher
Business Studies Teacher
Head of Art
Grade 6 Teacher
Grade 6 Teacher
Charlotte Bruyns
Grade 5 teacher
Grade 5 Teacher
Grade 4 Teacher
Grade 4 Teacher
Grade 3 Teacher
Grade 3 Teacher
Grade 2 Teacher

Leonie Beelders

Grade 2 Teacher
Grade 2 Teacher
Grade 1 Teacher
Grade 1 Teacher
Grade 1 Teacher
Stage 5 Teacher
Stage 5 Teacher
Stage 5 Teacher
Lauren Bernabei@reddam.house
Jenny van Veyeren
Stage 4 Teacher
IT Teacher
PE Instructor Prep School and Integrated Sport
Head of Music: Prep School
Head of Music: College
Learning Support Prep School
Inez Saunders
Educational Psychologist
Aftercare Manager
Rebekah Schollasch
Aftercare Assistant
Christine Israel
Homework Center Grade 5 and Grade 6
Homework Centre 
Grade 3 and Grade 4
Head of Administration and CIE

Andree Johnson
Finance Department
Finance Department
PA to Headmaster
College Secretary 
Preparatory School Secretary 
Early Learning School Secretary
Dean Anthony
Sports Administrator
Prep School Sports Administrator and Grade 7 Teacher

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