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Welcome to the Early Learning School


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you with pride to our phenomenal educational offerings at the Early Learning School at Reddam House Durbanville.  We are committed to providing your child with every opportunity to learn, develop and form positive relationships in an enabling environment.

We follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which recognises the holistic nature of development and learning with an emphasis on children learning through interaction with people and exploring the world around them. Alongside this curriculum, Reddam House schools pride themselves on applying the unique Reggio Emilia approach to pre-school education. A teaching philosophy first developed in post war Italy, it focuses on recognising and celebrating each individual pre-school child’s innate abilities and gifts. Children are regarded as competent and capable in their own right and the philosophy respects childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful.

We offer classes from Stage 1 (1 year olds turning two) to Stage 5 (5 year olds turning 6).

I look forward to meeting with you as we embark upon this exciting journey together.

Marjo Prins
Head of Early Years

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