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Preparatory Leadership Programme

Reddam House Preparatory Leadership Programme.

In Grade 7 every child will have the opportunity to be involved in the Reddam House Preparatory Leadership Programme. The philosophy underpinning our approach to leadership is to create the opportunities for each child to develop their innate leadership potential. We believe in leadership through example. We foster a democratic, student-driven, participative and interest driven committee approach.

The Preparatory School leadership programme is structured as follows:

All Grade 7 pupils are part of the Junior Executive.
Grade 7 pupils elect, via secret ballot, a Junior Executive Council (JEC) comprising of Senators.
All Grade 7 pupils (Junior Executive) will choose a committee.
Each committee has 2 Senators as the Chair.
There is no elected head, the JEC operates as a single, united body.

Preparation for the voting process begins at the Grade 6 Camp where students are assisted in the exploration of the various aspects of leadership. They are then required to bear these qualities in mind when casting their vote. No structures are put into place by the School to allow students to influence their peers or to canvas the votes of their peers.

Executive Council members are elected by the student body. Teachers do not take part in the secret ballot, nor do they influence the vote in any way.

An Induction Ceremony will be held at the beginning of Grade 7. During this ceremony all children will be Inducted into the Junior Executive Council. The announcement and Induction of the Senators will also take place then.


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