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Our Cultural Programme

Preparatory School Culture
Our cultural programme at Chesterhouse is integral to our school; an essential part of a holistic education immersing children in activities that strongly develop creativity and confidence. Many a child discovers with delight hidden talents and their lives change forever and for the better.

Knowledge of musical theory, singing, understanding rhythm and a knowledge of musical instruments are essential factors in developing the whole child and it is for this reason that we offer class music lessons incorporated into the weekly class timetables for all children in the Preparatory CultureSchool.

Chesterhouse participates in the Tygerberg Eisteddfod in all the disciplines ranging from drama to music and art; we have two choirs in our Preparatory School and our school holds a musical and dramatic production every two years ensuring that every child from the youngest to the oldest has their moment to shine.


Clubs and Societies within our Cultural Programme

Within our philosophical educational beliefs that children must be exposed to many different facets of life, we have introduced a Clubs and Societies programme that is run on a Friday during the school day. This allows for children to explore other talents and interests and breaks from the academic programme. Every term, the programme changes dependent on the season or the children’s and teachers’ requests. This programme focuses on the children from Grade 3 to Grade 7.

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