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Our Sports Programme

At Reddam House Durbanville, we place strong emphasis on sport ensuring each child is enrolled in a Summer and Winter sport. We take part in sports leagues and competitive matches across the peninsula.

In Grade 1 and 2 our sports offerings are skills based. We expose children to a variety of winter and summer sports. Through participation, children learn different skills and this allows them to make an informed choice when they are older.

Our Head of Sport ensures that we are part of the schools’ leagues across the Cape Peninsula and beyond and our children begin playing matches in their respective leagues from Grade 3. We introduce our children to friendly matches from Grade 1 and Grade 2 so as to prepare them for competitive matches.

We employ external expert coaches who work alongside our staff to ensure the best sports tuition for our students.

Students can choose from: cricket, tennis, hockey, netball, swimming, softball, chess, Golf, mountain biking, trail running and surfing.

Physical Education classes are a part of our curriculum and are offered to all grades.

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