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Parents and students should feel free to contact any of the following staff members to discuss any queries or problems:


Barry Nieuwoudt                 College Headmaster       barry.nieuwoudt@reddam.house

Catriona Olsen                    Head of Academics         catriona.olsen@reddam.house

Monica Dunk                      Head of Administration   monica.dunk@reddam.house

Natalie Lourens                   Grade 8 Head                natalie.lourens@reddam.house

Mike Spicer                          Grade 9 Head                mike.spicer@reddam.house

Sarah Healey                      Grade 10 Head               sarah.healey@reddam.house

Marnel Agenbag                   Grade 11 Head              marnel.agenbag@reddam.house

Dawie Marais                       Grade 12 Head              dawie.marais@reddam.house


Each class also has a tutor teacher who parents are welcome to contact. Tutor teachers are introduced to parents at the first parent/teacher liaison meeting of the year.

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