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Bonding and Orientation Camps

Traditionally, the school year for our Grade 8 to 12 students at Reddam House College begins with our bonding and orientation camps.  These camps are especially beneficial, not only to new students, but to the group as a whole.  We find that to start the year with camps like these, students form a coherent group which, in a small close-knit community such as Reddam House Durbanville, only bodes well for the year ahead.  These Bonding Trips are compulsory, as we feel that this is the ideal format to integrate new students who join Reddam House, to strengthen the bond between friends after the long summer holiday, and to discuss pertinent issues with each grade before the commencement of the year.

The students will be accompanied by their Tutor teachers. All Bonding Camps will take place between 18 to 20 January 2017.


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